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pot_secrets's Journal

Po(s)T Secrets
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This community is based on Post Secrets, a now widely-publicised website that houses postcards sent from all over, with anonymous secrets on them. This in turn inspired muse_secrets, a multi-fandom community for the sharing of character secrets, and thus, I came to wonder what sorts of secrets the characters in Prince of Tennis have. So if you have any ideas, put them on a postcard! Take any image (anime, manga, musical, cosplay or just any apt picture) and put the character's secret on it. Humour, serious, whatever - all ideas are welcomed!

This was originally a thread at my crack/discussion community, dinosaur_zone. You can view that thread here. Please feel free to visit and join that comm, and please also feel free to publicise this community if you know others who might be interested! :)

Just a couple of quick rules and bits of information:
1) It's obvious, but please be nice. It's easy, and we can all do it!
2) Please post all images behind an lj-cut.
3) Any queries etc. go to your mod, elyndys. :)

Finally, don't feel obligated to post if you join - you're welcome to lurk and enjoy the secrets!

Now affiliated with kkm_secrets, for all your Kyou Kara Maou secret needs. ^_^
Also, if you like Loveless, be sure to check out loveless_secret!